Support large-scale 3D, audio, and video asset management

Get lightening-fast upload speeds, along with the tools you need to edit, annotate, and share large media files.

“We're seeing the return on investment. The integrations, the fact that it's been evangelized, the fact that it's been accepted—the fact that 100% of the users who need to use it are using it.”

Dave Finley
Senior Manager, Digital Asset Management, Headspace Inc.
Storage options for media and entertainment DAM

Control your own storage

Use cloud storage, keep your assets on-prem, or hybrid storage to:

  • Maintain your existing storage buckets
  • Easily pop assets in and out of cold and glacier storage
  • Manage multiple storage vendors
  • Make multiple backups of your assets
  • Cut costs by optimizing your own DAM storage
  • Do it all from the same screen you use to manage your assets.

Connect workflows from pre-production through distribution

Cortex offers robust DAM integrations, along with A.I., project management, photo culling, templating tools, and more that keep your projects secure and accessible within your asset management system.

media workflows-sm

Customize interfaces to fit your needs

Cortex lets you put the tools and design you need front and center — and nothing else. Craft workspaces that fit the needs of any department, team, or individual user.

Simplify and automate rights management

Save time and avoid misuse claims with baked-in rights management. Attach expiration dates or restrictions to assets to ensure the users only see the assets they ought to.

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  • How to turn live footage into content in under 24 hours
  • Remote video editing workflow recommendations
  • Checklists for pre-production through post-production
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