Support for All Asset Types and Sizes

Store and Manage a diverse range of asset types with ease and efficiency, including 3D content, R3D RAW and ProRes files, 360 videos, and control the ability to utilize advanced video transcoding engines to speed ingest.

  • Fast Uploads: Benefit from high-speed uploads and downloads to keep your workflows moving smoothly.
  • Centralized Repository: Store all digital assets, including images, videos, and documents, in a single, secure location.
  • Access Control: Manage permissions and access levels for different users and teams.
  • Custom Metadata: Enrich files with custom metadata such as event, venue, artist/actor, or genre to enhance searchability and organization.
  • Distribution: Easily distribute digital assets across various platforms and channels.
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Access Facial Recognition AI

Enhance Your Content with Cutting-Edge AI 

Leverage OrangeAI to optimize every aspect of your digital asset management:

  • Facial Recognition: Automatically tag key individuals, including actors, directors, producers, and more in videos and instantly jump to the scenes they’re in.
  • Auto Tagging: Instantly add keywords to your assets using AI metadata tagging, simplifying media management and retrieval.
  • Voice to Text: Convert dialogue and narration from video content into instantly searchable text.
  • Document Summaries: Generate concise summaries of lengthy scripts, contracts, and production documents, making it easier for your team to grasp key points and insights.

Tailored Workspaces for Every Department

Design customized workspaces within OrangeDAM to provide each department with the specific tools, insights, data, and asset access they need.

  • Production Departments: Securely manage, share, and showcase content clips.
  • Marketing Teams: Create on-brand digital ads and banners in seconds while easily finding content to reuse across print, digital and video campaigns.
  • Licensing Partners: Offer a secure, composable platform for managing licensing agreements and content usage, and more.
  • Archives and Preservation: Safeguard and provide access to valuable digital assets encompassing the history and evolution of your content.

AFI DAM Case Study

Case Study: American Film Institute makes collection accessible with A.I.

For the first time, millions of AFI assets are available to their whole staff using their digital asset management system’s artificial intelligence

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