Keep any type of asset accessible and on brand

Campaigns more than just images. If you have related video, audio, documents, and graphics, why keep them separate?

Cortex has the power to handle your largest assets, so you can centralize your brand materials and break down media silos.

video image and graphic retail assets
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Save time with automations

Cortex gives you automations that let you skip the stuff that slows you down. Whether it’s A.I. that adds metadata to your assets, workflow tools that keep tasks on track, or cart functionality that let you simplify approvals, we’ve got tools that’ll give you time back in your day.


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Make rights management automatic

Connect rights information to your asset record and include clearance contact information or even a contract as a related asset. 

You can also add expiration dates or restrictions to assets, and then forget about it! Cortex will switch up the visibility on assets automatically. If the availability of the asset changes, we’ll email users for you.

Asset Rights Widget 2
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Connect to the tools you need; cut what you don’t 

Cortex can integrate with all your favorite tools — including robust integrations with Adobe, Microsoft, and other must-have tools. 

At the same time, we offer in-product alternatives to some systems you might want to let go, including:

Either way you get smoother, simplified workflows.

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