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First DAM with Artificial Intelligence

CORTEX | DAM solution uses machine learning and AI to streamline workflows so you get more done.

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First DAM Based in the Cloud

We built CORTEX | DAM in the cloud 13 years ago — six years before the industry started doing so — and today we continue pushing limits of DAM technology.

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Only DAM with No Glass Ceiling

Implementing CORTEX | DAM can be as simple or advanced as you need. It’s easy to adopt, yet powerful enough to grow with your needs.

The World’s Most Powerful Digital Asset Management

When you choose a DAM, you typically face picking from a solution too simple to scale, or one too advanced to adopt. At Orange Logic, we believe you shouldn’t have to pick. CORTEX | DAM is simple enough to start using right away, yet advanced enough to ramp up forever with your growing needs. In fact, we guarantee it’s the only DAM you’ll use without ever hitting a glass ceiling. Tour the full feature list of CORTEX | DAM below. When you’re ready, schedule your free demo with us.


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