Secure your digital assets

We work with major financial institutions, hospitals, and enterprises all over the world to offer first-class security for digital assets. We’ll help you comply with GDPR, HIPAA, and FINRA, while offering you a variety of security options that’ll keep your assets safe.

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Depend on the safest DAM on the market

Safeguarding your assets is our top priority. We regularly run third-party checks of our system, in addition to our own security testing.

If you want to run your own penetration testing, you can do that, too. We’re that confident that you can trust us to keep your assets safe.



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Protect your assets with multiple backups

We keep multiple backup servers, just in case. If there’s a problem with the primary server, we’ll switch over to a backup server immediately. Your assets will stay secure, and you won’t experience any downtime.


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Boost security with SSO Logins

Single Sign-ons (SSOs) make it easier to keep passwords and user information safe. Orange Logic can work with your preferred system and offers options that include 2-factor authentication and multi-factor authentication.


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Finding a DAM that does more than just comply with HIPAA isn’t easy. Here’s what to look for.

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