Catalog and secure your collection

Marry data from your external Collections Management System to your digital assets in Orange DAM. Set which fields are mapped and at what intervals the data is pushed into Orange DAM, allowing for the easy transfer of important existing data to your digital assets. 

Orange Logic stands out for its comprehensive security controls, including external penetration testing and regular audits, ensuring adherence to stringent standards like FINRA, HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, and more. Find our more about security in the GLAM space. 


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Preserve your collection

Digital preservation features play a crucial role in safeguarding an organization’s collection, and Orange Logic has shown its commitment to this space through creating an OAIS-compliant system that doubles as a digital asset management platform.



Generate a fixity report on ingestion and use this to compare future scans run on a consistent cycle with Orange DAM. If a checksum does not return an identical report, Orange DAM immediately replaces the asset in question with a clean backup. 


File format obsolescence

Have old file formats that are no longer supported, or nearly unsupported? Use the Orange DAM’s file type migration tool to automatically migrate files to a newer, supported format, while leaving the original untouched, as part of your historic record.


Virus check on ingest

 Don’t risk adding corrupted or infected files to your digital collection. Automatically scan new assets upon upload to ensure they are free from viruses to protect the integrity of your collection. 

Future proof your collection 

Don’t settle for today, buy the DAM your team will need tomorrow. As your organization grows, so will requirements around video capabilities, 360 video formats, photogrammetry assets, and support for 3D Models. Orange DAM is leading the way by supporting the storage and viewing of these files natively from within the DAM’s web browser.   


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Manage new exhibits

Gone are the days of needing different project management tools for multiple teams. Create projects and use them to plan, track progress, and assign to-dos, all from the same DAM system. Enforce digital rights usage by ensuring only approved assets are available to share, and use the Portals feature to create a press kit which can be used to help market your event. 

Speed up tagging

Stop wasting hours upon hours of manually metadata entry after each fundraiser or exhibition,  OL’s facial recognition can automatically tag images and videos of board members, donors, artists and more.

Automatically transcribe and localize video scripts to help researchers across the globe to find exactly what they’re looking for without the painstaking process of manually creating and associating VTT files. 


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Access Facial Recognition AI
Carngegie Hall
Colonial Williamsburg
Museum of the City of New York
Jazz at Lincoln Center
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Los Angeles Philharmonic
The Rockefeller Foundation
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