What is digital rights management?

Digital rights management (DRM) offers tools to:

1. Prevent unauthorized access to digital media: controls who can access assets, and when, where, and how they can access them.

2. Keep track of usage rights and copyrights within your digital asset management system: prevents you from publishing assets that have usage restrictions and protects you from legal liability.

Orange DRM features

Customizable rights types

You choose the types of rights you want to record and the information included with each type.

One-screen DRM system

Manage rights from the same screen you manage your assets.

Expiration & embargo dates

Decide when access to your assets will be released or revoked. 

Customizable watermarks

Assign users to campaigns or projects or even set up automated task assignment workflows.

Rights approval workflows

Assign digital rights to users to complete, then automatically route them for approvals.

Location-based permissions

Set the region, country, state, or territory where you want to permit or restrict access.

Shopping cart functionality

At checkout, assets with digital rights attached are automatically sent for approval before they can be downloaded.

Rights management right where you need it

Orange DRM connects to both your Orange DAM and project management software. With everything in one place, you can make digital rights management an integrated part of your digital asset management workflows. No separate software. No side trips to your DAM’s backend. 

With Orange DRM, you can:

 Speed up DRM workflows

Orange DRM can combine with project management to accelerate DRM workflows. For example, after digital rights are added to an asset, you can automatically or manually route them to Legal or Compliance for approval. Then changes can be shipped right back. Everything runs smoothly from within your digital asset management system.

Orange DRM Workflow


Customize the way you see your rights

There are many different types of rights — music, talent, stock, photographer, and so on. They each require different information to make sure they’re used appropriately. Orange DRM lets you customize rights categories for every media type you need.

Music and Talent Rights
Orange DRM Asset Rights 2


Control access to your assets

Save time and energy for the work that matters. Digital asset management automations keep projects moving without your constant attention. Instantly assign tasks, like approvals, or even automate key delivery specs, like image size or video format.

Make approvals as easy as online shopping

Let users put the assets they want to use in a shopping cart. The assets with straightforward digital rights can be downloaded right away. The rest can be sent for approval within your Orange DAM system.

Add to Cart - hover menu
Change View to DRM Tab

Have rights info at your fingertips

View all the digital rights information you need without going to a new screen. You can even connect related assets — like a video and a contract for the on-camera talent — so you have all the details you need without hunting them down.

Watermark assets where and how you want

Keep assets from spreading where they shouldn't with customizable watermarks. You can even add individual names, dates, and other useful information to track who's sharing your files.

Customize Watermarks in DRM software
Wheel Final

Powered by Cortex

Orange DRM is powered by Orange Logic’s Cortex engine. Cortex is the brains behind all of our products, including Orange DAM, Orange MAM, Orange Preservation, and Orange Brand Tools. Get in touch with us to find out how you can manage end-to-end workflows using Cortex and the Orange suite of products.

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