Digital asset storage at the lowest possible cost

We never markup vendor costs—that includes storage. Instead, you determine where and how you’ll store your assets. Customize a solution with your choice of multiple storage vendors, and  keep your costs down at the same time.

Choose your own storage

  • Get the type of storage that works best for your organization. Decide whether you want cloud storage, an on-premises hosted system, or a hybrid solution.
  • We’re vendor agnostic, so you can pick your favorite cloud storage system, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • Automate when and where assets are stored. For instance, you can move assets to cold storage automatically based on an archive date or when terms of use expire.
  • Store rarely used assets or backups in cold storage, available through Amazon S3 Glacier.
Azure Aws and Google cloud storage

Scale as you grow

  • Keep costs in check with some of the lowest storage prices in the industry
  • Find room for all your assets today and in the future. We’ve got unlimited space for petabytes of data, so your DAM can grow with your enterprise.

Protect stored assets

  • Cortex regularly performs error checks on files to ensure that all files are generated and stored correctly.
  • Keep your assets safe from accidental deletion. We have multiple safety controls for deletion or removal of assets from the system.

Easily access what you need

  • Search for archived assets within Cortex.
  • Allow users to request archived assets.