Simplify searching for digital assets

A digital asset management system is only as good as its search capabilities. Cortex offers powerful, granular search designed to help speed up discovery. Sift through millions of assets instantly, so you can find what you need when you need it.

Autocomplete dam search

Do simple searches for digital assets

  • Generate search results quickly using the search bar.
  • Receive autocomplete suggestions for potential search terms
  • Search all metadata fields

Use advanced search tools to refine results

  • Refine searches by selecting or deselecting different filters, including:
    • File name
    • Date fields, such as creation date or date edited
    • Author or photographer name
    • Restrictions
    • Asset attributes, such as asset type, orientation, color, etc.
    • Tags
    • Region or country
  • Create compound searches using and/or operators.
  • Save searches to view later.
  • Administrators can limit access to both advanced and saved search functions.
  • Get search results that include synonyms and related terms for your search term.
  • Navigate assets through folders and virtual folders they belong to.
  • Search within video transcripts.
Dam asset filters
Display search results

Display search results

  • See the number of results returned in a search and the number of results associated with each facet in the current search.
  • Choose from multiple display modes for search results. You can view in different sizes, view as a list, or choose to view results along with their metadata.
  • Sort results by relevance, file name, and more.
  • Adjust the number of results displayed per page.