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Orange DAM can natively view 3D files out of the box, with no external viewers required. Users can rotate assets and zoom in to inspect the texture and materials files of the asset. Orange DAM can ingest the ZIP files and extract the 3D model so users can preview the model with texture and reflection.


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Orange DAM automatically uses the Sketchfab viewer so users can preview 3D models for any Sketchfad Model with a Sketchfab URL. For organizations in the GLAMP space who are using photogrammetry to catalogue physical objects as 3D models, Sketchfab will allow users to rotate and view the objects. 

Compare and Approve

With Orange Logic’s built-in tool set to preview 3D files, users can drag and explore 3D assets. Rotate, zoom-in or out or compare versions side by side to locate differences and pick the final approved model.  


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