Give your users a custom DAM experience

Not all users want the same thing out of a DAM. Cortex lets you create spaces for internal and external use, and gives you the ability to customize portals for different departments, brands, and types of users.

Customize portals within Cortex

  • Make public-facing web interfaces, so third-party users can easily search and retrieve approved assets.
  • Maintain multiple environments with different URLs, all driven by the Cortex DAM system.
  • Get easy-to-manage homepages that promote collections, such as the editor’s pick, your most popular assets, etc.
  • Make country-specific homepages with content for specific locations.
  • Include specialized pages, forms, and widgets, such as contact forms, About pages, help forms, feedback forms, live chat widgets, and subscription prompts.
  • White label pages so that your brand is the only one users see.
Reuters dam portal

Keep your digital assets on-brand

  • Get a branded interface that’s customized with your preferred design, brand colors, and logo.
  • Set up a private or public brand management portal that lets you create a single source of truth for your enterprise. Share your most up-to-date brand assets and allow users to access your style guide.
  • Create multiple environments for sub-brands within your enterprise.
Dam brand pages

Adapt for your users

  • Create departmental portals, customized for the needs of specific teams.
  • Let users add themselves to the DAM with customizable user self-registration forms.
  • Users can have workspaces tailored to their particular needs. For instance, a video team could create a workspace that only displays videos.
  • Allow users to choose their preferred language and search in multiple languages.
  • Users can personalize their profile and preferences, including display options, download format, favorites, and more.
  • Let users access Cortex and collaborate remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Cortex is a browser-based application, so it can be accessed from a Mac, Windows-based computer, etc.
  • Users can access Cortex from mobile devices and tablets. Its responsive interface lets you engage in mobile-friendly searching, browsing, and uploading. You can also approve assets or use mobile asset integrations such as streaming for mobile play.
  • Translate the Cortex interface into as many languages as you need.
Multilingual dam portals