Secure and Compliant DAM for Finance and Insurance: Navigating Compliance and Empowering Branding

June 24, 2024
Secure and Compliant DAM for Finance and Insurance: Navigating Compliance and Empowering Branding

In the financial sector, where regulations are stringent and brand consistency is paramount, financial institutions and insurance companies seek robust solutions to manage assets securely while staying compliant and on-brand across global branches and departments. According to a survey by Thomson Reuters, 63% of financial institutions globally expect their regulatory burden to increase over the next year. This highlights the critical importance of maintaining regulatory compliance in the financial sector.

Enter Orange Logic’s intelligent DAM software, the trusted partner for leading banking, insurance, and financial services institutions, offering a secure and compliant DAM solution tailored to their unique needs.

  1. Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with industry regulations like FINRA 4511 and SEC 17a-4 is crucial for financial institutions. Orange Logic DAM provides advanced security measures and encryption protocols, ensuring adherence to major regulations and frameworks such as ISO 27001, CSA Cloud Control Matrix (CCM), and GDPR. Utilizing WORM (write once, read many) storage, legal documents are securely archived, facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, robust audit trails and role-based access controls offer transparency and accountability in handling sensitive financial data.

  1. Empowering Brand Consistency

Maintaining a cohesive brand identity across diverse branches and channels is a multifaceted challenge. A study by Accenture revealed that 64% of consumers are likely to stop using a brand that experiences a data breach. Maintaining brand consistency and trust is essential for financial institutions, making secure asset management a top priority.

The Orange Logic DAM software centralizes branding assets, including brand guidelines, logos, imagery, and approved templates, ensuring consistency across global departments and branches. With individually geared workspaces and UIs, different departments can access assets relevant to their needs without compromising performance or latency. Moreover, DAM's version control capabilities guarantee that stakeholders are always working with the latest approved assets, minimizing the risk of brand dilution.

  1. Facilitating Brand Management and Corporate Archiving

Orange Logic’s DAM tools offer a comprehensive solution for brand management and corporate archiving. A brand management portal serves as a centralized hub for all branches and external partners to access brand assets, guidelines, and templates needed for marketing events or promotions. 

This portal not only streamlines the creation and distribution of marketing materials, but also ensures your brand’s corporate archive is searchable and secure to provide your team with historic inspiration. The corporate archiving portal  can preserve institutional knowledge and historical records, simplifying research and ensuring compliance with regulations such as SEA Rule 17a-4 and OAIS, or a way to promote environment or diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policies.

  1. Easily Source Photography for Campaigns:

In need of a specific image for campaigns but don't have anything suitable in your DAM or the time to schedule a photo shoot? Orange Logic offers seamless integration with Shutterstock and Getty Images, allowing the DAM to pull in purchased assets and have them findeable on the DAM platform. Shop from Getty directly in your DAM. Whether it's a visual for a promotional campaign or an engaging image for a social media post on a tight timeline, Orange Logic's integrated sourcing capabilities simplifies the process of finding and incorporating new assets into your marketing endeavors.

  1. Harnessing the Power of Templating Tools

Templating tools within Orange Logic empower designers to create versatile designs while ensuring compliance and brand consistency. Financial institutions can build branded templates with all the necessary and up-to-date regulatory requirements to streamline the creative process, saving time and resources. Additionally, DAM's integration with workflow management systems allows for seamless collaboration and approval processes, ensuring that all marketing materials adhere to legal standards and brand guidelines. This allows branches anywhere in the world to easily select branded marketing materials, add their locations and dates of a new promotion, while never having to worry about new compliance or regulation language to be included in the fine print.  

  1. Innovative Applications: Managing Physical Assets and event planning with DAM

One financial institution utilizes Orange Logic to empower branches to seamlessly orchestrate promotional events. Through Orange Logic, branch managers effortlessly submit requests for event essentials, from tents and tables to chairs, or anything else they need to ensure their booths are equipped for success. Users can also order pens, notepads, and other consumable swag they’ll give away at the event. By integrating Orange Logic with the institution's inventory management system, real-time tracking of available materials becomes a reality, enabling branches to make informed decisions around what and when they need goods, based on the current inventory. This streamlined process not only fosters efficiency but also upholds brand consistency across all promotional endeavors, reinforcing the institution's professional image in the eyes of its audience.

The Orange Logic intelligent DAM software offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including Media Resource Management (MRM), templates, and Media Asset Management (MAM), empowering financial institutions and insurance companies to streamline marketing operations while staying compliant and on-brand. Book a demo today to discover how Orange Logic can elevate your brand management and compliance efforts.

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