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Intelligent DAM for your entire organization 

Orange Logic's Intelligent DAM empowers banks and insurance companies to create a secure, central marketing hub that allows global departments and branches to easily find and share on-brand assets. 
  • Create individually geared workspaces and experiences for different departments or branches.
  • Support global users without throttling or performance and latency issues. 
  • Easily roll out new marketing materials with applicable rules and regulations prebuilt into campaigns. 


AI tools for your team

The Intelligent DAM’s use of OrangeAI throughout the platform can help streamline your tasks, ensure brand consistency, and help your team find new purpose in old assets. 

Use OrangeAI to:
  • Help your team cut down on manually keyword tagging.
  • Search photos and videos for old outdated brand logos to ensure brand consistency. 
  • Use generative AI tools to help your team repurpose or reuse old stock photography or photos, eliminating the need to license new images or schedule photo shoots. 

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It’s easy to say a solution can scale, but sometimes it can be tougher to prove it. At 40K API calls a minute, we believe this case study is a testament to Orange Logic’s ability to scale to meet  (1)
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Safe and secure

The Orange Logic Ingelligent DAM platform is an industry leader when it comes to security, helping you stay in compliance with major regulations and industry standards, including ISO 27001, CSA Cloud Control Matrix (CCM), FINRA Rule 4511, and GDPR. With asset level permissions and advanced data recovery capabilities, your content is  always protected. 

  • Utilize WORM (write once, read many) storage so any changes to legal documents are pushed to a managed archive for a set period of time. 

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Globally roll-out branded and compliant marketing content

Allow branches to use OrangeTemplates to easily promote locations and new financial services or incentives with globally approved marketing assets that are pre-made with applicable regulations already in place. Users simply select a template, change out the name, address, job title, etc., and then select approved imagery to create brochures and other marketing collateral. 

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Easily source stock photography

Looking for a specific image or video, but you don’t have anything in your DAM that fits what you had in mind? Utilize the Orange Logic Shutterstock or Getty Images connector to search for new images or videos, purchase the rights and have them transfer directly back to the Orange Logic DAM for future use.

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Portals for branded marketing

While Portals are a great way to notify and inform global users about brand,  style guides or new offerings, they are also a fantastic way to promote your brand' history. Portals can give creatives, agencies, researchers and anyone with the correct permissions inspiration from your brand’s storied past. Preserve your brand assets and keep them secure with a SEA Rule 17a-4 and OAIS-compliant digital asset management system.


Portals for archives and inspiration

Unlock the rich history of your financial institution with Orange Logic’s Brand Portal, where archived assets and historic materials converge into a unified repository. By consolidating all your brand’s historic assets and archives into one Portal, designers can easily delve into your brand’s archive to draw creative inspiration for new campaigns or projects rooted in your organization’s storied past.


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Manage your budgets and timelines with MRM

Orange Logic's Media Resource Management tool offers a seamless integration of budget management within your DAM system, providing the flexibility to set and modify budgets as needed. By centralizing finances, you gain visibility into expenditure, outcomes, and the alignment between budget projections and actual spending. Streamline project management with intuitive calendar features,  tracking deadlines and sprints for individuals, groups, or entire teams. Customize your calendar view by filtering based on folders or specific attributes, ensuring projects stay on course.
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Streamline your workflows

Orange Logic's Workflow tools offer workflow management within your Intelligent DAM system, enabling you to create tasks, track progress, and streamline the revision process. Automatically route assets for review, allowing multiple users to comment on and approve assets. Alert users when they are assigned tasks related to assets and send automatic email reminders. Automatically assign workflow tasks to assets when they are uploaded, allowing your team to stay on task and work efficiently.

Customer Use Case

One financial institution utilizes Orange Logic to empower branches to seamlessly orchestrate promotional events. Through Orange Logic's Intelligent DAM platform, branch managers submit requests for event essentials, from tents and tables to chairs, or pens, notepads, and other consumable swag they’ll give away at the event. Integrated with the institution's inventory management system, real-time tracking of available materials becomes a reality, enabling branches to make informed decisions around when they need goods, based on inventory. This streamlined process not only fosters efficiency, but  upholds brand consistency across all promotional endeavors.



Tools for financial services

1-2DAM / MAM

Store, version, mark-up, approve and deliver assets of any type, including 3D and 360 video.



Plan and manage campaigns, calendars, and budgets, all while optimizing performance.  


Untitled design (48)Templates

Allow your team to quickly select and edit pre-approved, compliant, marketing materials.



Quickly make selects and set rules around rejections rates. Easily accept or reject assets. 



Created Branded Portals to manage brand guidelines, distribute finished assets, or corporate archives.



Track usage and digital rights around your assets and prevent unauthorized use of any marketing materials. 



Easily track and manage the tasks associated with all aspects of creating new marketing assets.


Untitled design (50)Platform

Orange Logic's cloud agnostic platform is scalable to meet the needs of your growing workflows and requirements. 



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Our ability to share all of our archival collection and our current material with staff from home has been a priceless opportunity,