Control what you share

Send assets wherever you need them to go. Share internally, create external posts on social media, or embed secure links to assets, folders, and collections. Need to take something down? Change the access permissions or revoke secure links at any time.

Safely share, publish, and embed assets

  • Share, publish, and embed assets outside of Cortex.
  • Create preset formats designed for specific web platforms, including social media platforms.
  • Autogenerate embed code for images and videos to add assets to websites or blogs.
  • Create and share newsletters or bulletins to promote new assets or curated content.
  • Share collections or filtered parts of collections.
  • Create permalinks—persistent URLs—for assets.
  • Revoke secure links at any time.
Social media DAM sharing screen

Manage internal and external sharing

  • Specify, preview, or download permissions for assets sent to external users.
  • Email a single asset or folder or collection with multiple assets.
  • Publish assets and metadata to social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Share assets or folders with external users through secure links that you can set to expire.
  • Share assets as read-only or provide download options in a variety of formats.
  • Provide direct links to streaming videos for preview by external users.
Internal and external digital asset sharing