Introducing OrangeTemplates

October 15, 2021
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Picture this: you’re a designer for a major brand. You’ve got a brochure that’s been vetted and is all ready to go. But local branches want a customized version of it, with local staff names and branch addresses on them. You’ve got a couple options:

  1. Let the local branches create their own brochures— and lose the ability to control the quality of the end product
  2. Create multiple versions of the brochure, slightly adjusted for each individual branch (not a very reasonable solution with thousands of branches needing collateral for every change in marketing)
  3. Use our new OrangeTemplates add-on and let branches fill in the blanks on your brochure, without letting them change the overall design

Templating software you can access from your DAM

OrangeTemplates lets you turn your own designs into customizable templates that anyone can adapt to their needs — even if they have no design experience. Let users create custom versions of ads, leaflets, and brochures without adding to your creative or legal teams’ workloads.

Here’s how it works:

1. Create a template from your design

  • Use Adobe InDesign software to craft your templates
  • Select parts of the template users can customize, like an agent’s headshot or a local branch address.
  • Combine related templates together to create customizable marketing campaigns 

2. Users personalize your content

  • Permissions make sure users only see the templates that matter to them. 
  • Users can search for the designs they need
  • Customizable fields let users make the template their own, while still keeping your design in place. They never need to use Adobe InDesign software or have any design know-how
  • Admins can approve changes or suggest revisions before design templates are finalized

3. Distribute collateral across your channels 

  • Allow users to download or share their fully customized documents.
  • Set templates to automatically display the latest version of design assets.
  • Choose expiration dates for your templates to ensure they keep up with your current campaigns.

Want to see Templates in Action?

Reserve your spot now to join our in-house expert Christopher Morgan-Wilson on November 4th at 3:00 PM EDT for a demo of OrangeTemplates.

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