How Machine Learning AI Can Help Your  DAM

May 2, 2021
How Machine Learning AI Can Help Your DAM

Starting in 2015, Orange Logic introduced Machine Learning artificial intelligence (AI) into its flagship product, Orange DAM. The sophisticated AI allows enterprises to save time with features including ai image tagging, searchable Speech-to-Text, and Machine Translation.

Now with almost two years of experience with AI and machine learning, Orange Logic is rolling out a second generation of Machine Learning for its digital asset management platform. This new approach further decreases the need for human oversight by using three sets of AI engines to detect the content of an asset.

“In the early days, we were all amused by the sheer novelty of AI. Now with maturity, our digital asset management users expect more concrete results with almost no errors. Our engineers have built arbitrage mechanisms that provide more confidence than any individual AI system could. Concretely, this means less work for our users but more work for the machines. That’s ok, though, as the machines don’t have to drive the kids back from school.” said Karl Facredyn CEO of Orange Logic.

How it works:


dam artificial intelligence chart


Pass One: Detect The Content

The first pass of AI uses two separate machine learning instances. Each instance undergoes its own training and will interpret and produce results for an asset independently of the other machine.

Pass Two: Arbitrage Results

A third A.I. arbitrages the results from the first pass and only keeps the most accurate results of the two previous AI's.


About Orange Logic

Established in 2000, Orange Logic initially operated as a software research company on a mission to innovate approaches in multiple fields including Digital Asset Management. Today, Orange Logic provides a premier Digital Asset Management solution CORTEX | DAM for any team, national or global, looking to efficiently manage and scale its digital media libraries. 

To learn more about how Orange Logic can help you with your DAM AI needs, schedule a call today!


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