DAM for Preservation

Orange Media Asset Management

Bring all the elements of media production together under one MAM system.

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Enough room—and speed—for all your video, audio, and more

Create, manage, and share high-volume video, audio, and multimedia files—all while connecting your organization’s other assets, too. Get the functionality of an enterprise DAM with the storage and speed you need in a MAM.

A MAM that fits your workflows

  • Easily share assets with lightning-fast upload and download speeds.
  • Allow users to check in or check out files to make sure changes don’t get overwritten.
  • Let users edit works-in-progress remotely.
  • Invite users to annotate the timeline on video or audio assets.
  • Upload R3D RAW and ProRes files.
  • Get native support for all camera types.
Perform checksums from within your DAM

Integrate with your favorite tools

  • Link your asset management platform to the full Adobe Suite of products, including Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects software.
  • Share files through Signiant Media Shuttle.
Retain original files and generate updated formats

Make it easy to find what you need

  • Add complex metadata and tag assets to let you find files faster.
  • Autocaption video and audio assets; then include captions as metadata in searches
  • Use facial recognition to add context to image and video assets.
  • Save frequently used searches, so you come back and find assets in seconds
Create viewable documents in your digital asset management system