Long-term preservation with unrivaled flexibility

Take your assets out of retirement and put them back into circulation. Orange Logic lets you keep your files safe in an OAIS-compliant system that doubles as a digital asset management platform.


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Rely on a trusted long-term preservation platform

Major financial institutions, media powerhouses, universities, and world-famous archives count on Orange Logic — for asset management and digital preservation.


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Simplify storage

Lower storage costs with glacier storage for as little as $1/TB. Keep archived files visible with smaller proxy versions of your assets. Then bring those assets out of cold storage or change their storage group in seconds.


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Secure your data

You can set up multiple copies of an asset in multiple locations or even use multiple storage vendors to ensure you always have backups. You can even use WORM (Write One, Read Many) storage to ensure important files can never be overwritten. Keep file integrity by performing checksums on ingest and then automatically check against the original checksum.


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Automatically migrate to the latest file type

If a file format is at risk of becoming obsolete, Cortex can automatically work in the background to migrate a copy of the original file to the new file format.

At the same time, you also retain original files in their native formats to keep bit-level preservation versions. When you generate files in updated formats, Cortex goes back to the native format to minimize format conversion artifacts and render the new file more accurately. But we’ll still hold onto the legacy versions of files for preservation purposes.


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Build connections between assets

Create relationships between assets, including parent/child, sibling relationships, alternate versions, alternate languages, alternative layouts, and supporting files. Alternatively, put assets together in collections, viewable documents, or enable International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) so you can use image viewers.


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Create a viewable document in your DAM

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