Get the data you need, easily

Build a form and add the information directly to your digital assets. Customize forms to fit your specific business needs — whether you're adding data to assets or projects. 

Orange Forms features

18 Field Types

Include text, numbers, images, video, and much more. 

Asset upload

Get the metadata you need for your assets — and the asset at the same time.

Conditional Logic

Have follow-up questions appear based on responder's answers.


Route form responses automatically once a form is completed.

Upload Form (1)

Make your form creator app a part of your DAM

You don’t have to use an outside system to collect data. Get the answers you need from right within your digital asset management system. Then add the information you get directly as metadata or project information. 

Adapt the form to the user

Orange Forms offers dynamic questions that can send users to the next relevant question based on their response. Users only see questions that matter to their use case, as Orange Forms hides the ones they don't need to see. 

Additional Field Can Dynamically Display
Multiple field types 3


Choose from a variety of field options

Use 18 different field types to convey your questions. In addition to using multi-value responses, dropdown menus, and radio button, you can also allow users to upload assets and add valuable metadata on upload. 

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Powered by Cortex

Orange Forms is powered by Orange Logic’s Cortex engine. Cortex is the brains behind all of our products, including Orange MRM, Orange DAM, Orange Approvals, and Orange Templates. Get in touch with us to find out how you can manage end-to-end workflows using Cortex and the Orange suite of products.

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