Speed up your digital asset management workflows with A.I

We’ve integrated a variety of time-saving A.I. tools into Orange DAM. Take advantage of options for facial, logo and object recognition, optical character recognition (OCR), auto-tagging, auto-captioning, and more.


Work faster with A.I.
Access Facial Recognition AI

Facial recognition

Instantly ID talent, manage usage rights, and enrich your assets with another layer of searchable metadata. Enable facial recognition for images and video. Detect logos in images and identify explicit content in images within your digital asset management system.

A.I auto-tagging

Eliminate the time-sink of manually tagging assets with accurate and instant AI tagging. Get A.I. that helps you fill in metadata with ranked keyword suggestions. Learn more about how we help you keep your assets organized on our Metadata and Taxonomy for DAMs features page.

Auto Tagging AI
Auto Captions Premiere Pro


Cut out unnecessary third-party caption services with accurate, native captioning within your digital asset management UI. Use speech-to-text capabilities to auto-caption video assets. Translate caption tracks into another language. Visual speaker identification with audio transcription.

5 Ways to Make A.I. Work Better and Faster for Content Management

Artificial intelligence can be a virtual assistant to users in the content management and digital asset management space. It can speed up processes and make it easier to focus on the work that really matters. 

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AI to Make Work Better and Faster