Fueling Donor Development with your Museum's Digital Asset Management

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January 27, 2022
Fueling Donor Development with your Museum's Digital Asset Management

Even before the pandemic, North American museums relied on donations, endowments, and investments for more than half of their income. Now donor development is more crucial than ever.

And DAM can be a powerful ally in donor management.

Here are a few ways you can leverage your digital asset management solution to build donor relationships and make it easier to realize successful fundraising campaigns for your museum.

Creating visibility when visitors are in short supply

Increasingly, museums have both a physical and a digital presence. That digital presence is often supplemented by digital assets, which can drive the mission of your museum and offer meaningful value to donors. There are even cases when donors might be interested in funding specific digital initiatives — such as the Leon Levy Foundation’s support of the American Museum of Natural History’s Digital Assets Initiative.

While a museum’s physical space is limited by the dimensions of the building itself, a digital gallery backed by your DAM system can entice visitors with assets they may not have seen before or that aren’t currently on display – in effect, increasing your available display space and reach exponentially.

Digital galleries offer tangible “exhibits” donors can connect with from anywhere in the world. You can even expand beyond images and documents, if you have digital asset management that offers the support and speed necessary for video and 3D assets. Meanwhile, strong permissioning can ensure assets that shouldn’t be accessible to the public, aren’t. 

Providing a hub for content creation and distribution

The assets in your museum's digital asset management system provide powerful storytelling tools. When connected with your broader tech stack, they can help your donor development team create meaningful content by connecting with:

      • Asset editors: Pull assets into creative applications or specialized software to design annual reports, fundraising collateral, promotional materials, and countless examples of print and digital content.
      • Social and Outbound channels: Send assets straight to channels where donors will easily find them. For instance, link your digital asset management system directly to Facebook or Instagram to share images and video clips. Or quickly create email content through integrations with software like MailChimp.
      • Content Management System (CMS): Easily embed DAM content on your website pages, targeted landing pages, and more.
      • Donor Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software: Discover which assets donors are searching for and connect that information to your CRM for more targeted appeals.

In short, Digital Asset Management can be a key part of your museum's fundraising strategy, connecting to your existing tech stack and offering you new options for developing meaningful relationships with donors.

To learn more about Cortex's Digital Asset Management for museums and other organizations, book a meeting or contact us today to get started.


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