Powering Digital Preservation with a DAM platform

digital asset management
January 28, 2022
Powering Digital Preservation with a DAM platform

Making a strong business case for digital preservation is easy. Recent research has shown that transforming physical assets into digital archives can reduce companies’ costs by more than 20%

Most traditional digital preservation systems unfortunately isolate themselves from other tools and systems. They remove digital content from your workflows, making it harder for your organization to find, or reuse them for different purposes. 

The right digital asset management platform can help your organization find and create content easily, reaching a wide range of users. Digital asset management software can help your company tell the story of its evolution over the decades. That rich history can then inform how current and future marketing teams build your company’s voice and strategy.

A DAM system that can handle digital preservation has preservation tool features. It also has user-friendly digital asset management technology and components.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence 

Tagging, storing, and organizing assets in a digital asset management system is important for preservation. A DAM platform goes further by using AI. Smart features like face recognition, automatic tagging, automatic captioning, and OCR to analyze documents enhance assets with additional information. That metadata makes the assets easier to find, ultimately saving users hundreds of hours a year.

Sophisticated levels of permissions and access control

Using assets incorrectly can result in expensive and long legal battles that damage your brand's reputation. A DAM platform makes it easier to manage small but significant details. For example, it simplifies the process of obtaining permission from everyone in a picture to use their image.

This platform lets you choose when permissions end and give users temporary access for a set time. This platform lets you set end dates for permissions and give users temporary access for a specific time.

Most digital preservation systems have a standard approach to permissions and access. This means that you may not have detailed control over user permissions. A digital asset management platform can give different levels of access and permissions in one collection.

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