How to Evaluate Your Digital Asset Management (DAM) Platform

February 14, 2024
How to Evaluate Your Digital Asset Management (DAM) Platform


Assessing the compatibility of your Digital Asset Management (DAM) deployment is crucial for ensuring its effectiveness and longevity. Much like maintaining a successful relationship, it requires open communication, shared goals, and a mutual understanding of each other's needs. Take our quiz inspired by relationship dynamics to evaluate the health of your DAM relationship and determine if it's time to consider a new partner.

Track your score and interpret your compatibility below. For further insights into recognizing signs of a struggling DAM deployment, explore our article on  read our article on 7 Signs You’re In A Failed DAM Relationship.

1. How often do you and your vendor discuss future plans?

  • Rarely, there seems to be a lack of interest in aligning with my objectives. (0 points)
  • Occasionally, but the frequency of meaningful discussions has diminished. (1 point)
  • Frequently, demonstrating a strong alignment in our visions for the future. (2 points)

2. Do you feel enthusiastic about new enhancements to your DAM solution?

  • Not particularly, the introduction of new features hasn't been noticeable. (0 points)
  • Somewhat, there's a sense of potential, though it's not consistently met. (1 point)
  • Absolutely, the vendor consistently introduces valuable tools that enhance my experience. (2 points)

3. How satisfied are you with the user interface of your DAM?

  • It's often perplexing, requiring significant effort to navigate effectively. (0 points)
  • Adequate, but lacking a sense of engagement or excitement. (1 point)
  • It meets all my requirements seamlessly, providing an optimal user experience. (2 points)

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4. Do you actively engage in discussions about improving your DAM platform?

  • Not frequently, and when initiated, the focus tends to be solely on financial matters. (0 points)
  • There are discussions, but there's a noticeable lack of commitment to implementing necessary changes. (1 point)
  • Yes, and the vendor solicits my input on upcoming plans to enhance the platform. (2 points)

5. How was the initial onboarding experience with your DAM vendor?

  • It felt rushed and inadequately tailored to my specific needs. (0 points)
  • It took longer than anticipated, but a pretty good  foundation was established. (1 point)
  • It was seamless and exceeded my expectations, laying the groundwork for a promising relationship. (2 points)

6. Does your vendor instill a sense of security in you?

  • No, I often feel vulnerable as my concerns are disregarded. (0 points)
  • There's a sense of security most of the time, although some apprehensions persist. (1 point)
  • Absolutely, the vendor consistently meets or exceeds my stringent standards. (2 points)

7. Does your DAM even have what you’re looking for anymore?

  • Not entirely, and I question whether my initial attraction was justified. (0 points)
  • It meets most of my needs, but there are areas that require improvement. (1 point)
  • Yes, not only does it satisfy my current needs, but the vendor actively endeavors to enhance its capabilities. (2 points)



  • 0-7 points: It appears there may be significant misalignment between you and your current DAM vendor. Consider reassessing your relationship and exploring avenues for improvement. It might be time to initiate discussions about necessary changes or contemplate transitioning to a different vendor altogether. 
  • 8-11 points: Your relationship with your current DAM vendor shows promise, but there's room for growth and improvement. Seek opportunities to strengthen your partnership and maximize the potential of your DAM deployment. Open communication with your vendor about your needs and aspirations is essential for navigating the journey toward DAM success.
  • 12-14 points: Congratulations! Your compatibility with your current DAM solution suggests a harmonious and prosperous relationship. Your mutual understanding and alignment in various aspects bode well for long-term success. Keep nurturing this connection to realize the full potential of your DAM deployment – you've found your ideal match! 

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