7 Signs You’re In A Failed DAM Relationship

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February 14, 2024
7 Signs You’re In A Failed DAM Relationship

“They broke up? They seemed so happy together!” But oftentimes, failed relationships that seem a surprise from the outside, have plenty of early indicators. A relationship with your DAM is no different. So how do you know if you and your DAM are built to last, or if it’s time to swipe right on a new vendor? If it turns out you’re not with your perfect partner, don't be afraid to put yourself out there to see how much better your life can be with a partner who meets all your needs. Read our post to find out if you’re in a failed DAM relationship, or go and take our DAM compatibility quiz

They can’t handle your needs

There is often a lot of pressure to enter into a relationship with a solution that meets the functional requirements of your entire organization. But most times there are competing requirements from different departments within the organization. Is your partner flexible enough to meet all of your organizations’ needs, down to each department’s unique requirements? What about new departments that come on line, are they prepared to handle new workflows and how those might interfere with existing ones? Have they assigned you a Customer Service Manager who knows how you and your team work and can help you make the changes your team needs to scale? Having someone who is committed to helping you is a key to a great relationship. 

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You don’t you see where it’s headed 

In the fast-paced digital landscape, effective management of digital assets is crucial for organizations aiming to stay competitive and organized. As businesses evolve, so does the need for efficient Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions. Has your vendor stopped talking about the future? Do they rarely check in to see how you’re doing? Have they failed to see that your needs have changed over time and what used to work for you is no longer enough? These are signs your vendor might be trapped in the past, firefighting their way through technical debt and mounting support tickets, rather than focusing on how to bring your team continued success through new and innovative features. 

Your partner doesn’t play well with others

We all know that putting all of the pressure on your partner to make you happy isn’t exactly fair. This is why integrations are so important. Does your vendor have active, meaningful integrations with tools your team can actually use, or are their “integrations” shallow and exist just to check a box? Are they open and capable of building new integrations in a timely manner? 

You’re not getting what you’re looking for

Do you feel like you and your vendor aren’t speaking the same language? Perhaps your DAM has limited language localization functionalities around metadata. Or maybe your busy team doesn’t have the time to tag assets like it used to, and your vendor doesn’t have advanced AI tagging capabilities. Wasting your time searching for something that should be easy to spot is a clear sign you’re not in the right relationship. 

They’re bad with names (and faces)

We all know it's difficult to remember new names and associating them with faces can put even more pressure on you. Look for a partner who has the AI capabilities to help you easily identify new faces, tag them, and then let its facial recognition workflows take care of the rest. Does your existing partner have AI tools that can help make your searches quicker and more precise than ever, cutting down on manual tagging? If not, maybe you should start looking for someone who can check that box. 

They have boundary issues 

Knowing what you can and can’t share, publicly, is a very important part of any relationship. Does your partner make it easy for you to configure and enforce permissions? Or better yet, your solution makes it easy for you to track the rights for digital assets, model releases, and more with Digital Rights Management (DRM) tools. 

You’re no longer attracted 

Everything looked great during your first meeting and it seemed like your relationship was going to be so easy, but now you're finding your user-interface to be outdated and unintuitive to use. Is this a problem? While it may sound superficial, your end-users are more likely to use a tool they find visually attractive or one that specifically caters to their needs. 

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Addressing the Elephant in the Room: It might be time to move on

If you’ve determined your existing DAM relationship is no longer working, make the decision to move on! Migrating from one DAM solution to another can be a daunting task. The fear of data loss, workflow disruption, and potential setbacks can make organizations hesitant to switch platforms. But here's the thing: Orange Logic has got you covered. We've positioned ourselves as industry leaders by successfully tackling the challenges associated with migration.

The reality is, migration is a common journey for Orange Logic's clients, with a staggering 83% having transitioned from other platforms, with 100% retention rate across this group of second and third-time DAM buyers. This statistic speaks volumes about Orange Logic's expertise in handling migrations and meeting their workflow needs post migration.

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