A Vendor’s-Eye View of Henry Stewart DAM New York 2022

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September 22, 2022
A Vendor’s-Eye View of Henry Stewart DAM New York 2022

Vendors were just as excited as DAM professionals to be back in New York for Henry Stewart’s DAM NY 2022. Excited to see friends, meet prospects, and most of all talk to DAM professionals from all over the world.

So what do vendors hear when we’re standing there behind the booth? Here’s what Orange Logic attendees had to say:

Most asked-about topics 

“Video was the main one,”  Account Executive Craig Bollig said, “and I’ll group it with MAM. How do you handle video, basically. Then that leads into questions about creative operations and how your digital asset management system works with creative tools.”

Garrett Sayre, another Account Executive added, “We also heard a lot about product assets and working with 3D assets.”

Your pain points

From conversations, the Orange Logic team picked up a few common sticking points among digital asset management professionals. 

Misti Vogt said, “A lot of people are struggling with change management — how to get buy-in from stakeholders, planning and strategizing migration, and implementing a rights/governance model that actually gets used.”

Craig shared, “Most of the pain points I heard about were related to limitations with video management and user permissioning with their current DAM.”

"A pain point that came up a few times was how well DAMs integrated with other tools, such as project management systems.” Garrett said. “For example, some DAM managers have to duplicate the entry of metadata on assets because they don't transfer between the digital asset management platform and other solutions. At large volumes of assets, this is a critical misstep."

Favorite session

Eric Howard mentioned that Theresa Regli’s keynote came up a lot. “She got a lot of people fired up. Her ‘Battle for the Heart of DAM’ really resonated with people who are trying to figure out where DAM’s going next."

Misti chatted with people in John Horodoyski’s panel “Good Governance”, and attendees said they learned a lot. “John is very engaging and can make any topic exciting. Governance is particularly of interest to the people I spoke to because the rules are constantly changing as technology evolves so there are always new problems to solve and new opportunities, too."

Craig heard a good deal about John Florance dethroning Thomas Stilling as the Stump the DAM Consultant winner. “I think it was a bit of an upset, since Tom won the last two years.”

Best part of the conference

“Everyone was just happy to be there in person,” Christopher Morgan-Wilson, one of our Sales Engineers, said. His words were echoed by everyone on our team.

“The enthusiasm was palpable during the conference.” Emily Hughes said. “People were so excited to be there. I was too! It was so good to meet with others in the industry again. The rapport-building that happens in real life is second-to-none.”

Missed us at DAM NY 2022?

We’d love to catch up. Reach out, and we can schedule a time to talk about your goals for your DAM and how Orange Logic can help you meet them.

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