Elevating Customers: The Role of Dedicated Customer Success Managers

digital asset management
January 17, 2024
Elevating Customers: The Role of Dedicated Customer Success Managers

As organizations continue to build workflows, processes, and integrations into their digital asset management (DAM) platform, change management and ownership of the system become more important than ever. A DAM owner is paramount in ensuring the long-term success of your DAM. But here at Orange Logic, we don’t think all the heavy lifting should be up to our customers, we truly believe vendors are just as important in ensuring a multi-step DAM deployment hits all of its benchmarks. That’s why Orange Logic is proud to introduce a new chapter in our commitment to customer success with the addition of a dedicated Customer Success Team. 

Our new Customer Success Managers will partner with their assigned customers to explore goals and understand workflows. By aligning objectives, you can expect the following from our Customer Success Team:

Understanding How Product Releases and Roadmaps Can Help:

Our Customer Success Managers possess a keen eye for product strategy and innovation. With a focus on staying ahead of the curve, they are dedicated to ensuring our customers are well-informed about new product releases, the roadmap ahead, and how new features can help with existing DAM workflows. This proactive approach guarantees that our clients are always at the forefront of technological advancements. By truly understanding our customers better, and their applicable use cases, we can offer more well rounded DAM features.  

Fostering User Experience and Community:

Creating exceptional user experiences and fostering a vibrant community around our products is a top priority for our Customer Success Managers. By concentrating on the end-user, they aim to enhance overall satisfaction and build a strong, engaged community. This commitment to user-centricity contributes not only to customer satisfaction but also to the overall success of our products.

Engaging with, and knowing our community will allow us to create meaningful events, webinars, and focus groups that will help fuel your DAM creativity and drive growth across your organization. 

DAM Advocacy and Strategic Growth:

Our Customer Success Managers are not just support figures; they are your trusted partners in driving success. They provide valuable insights, case studies, speaking opportunities, and strategic guidance to help our clients achieve their DAM goals. By advocating for our clients, we aim to build lasting partnerships that contribute to mutual growth and success.

Supporting User Engagement and Adoption:

We are passionate about helping our customers maximize the value of our products, which means ensuring your team not only uses the DAM, but loves it. Our managers will offer best practice guidance to support launch, onboarding, and expansion. This commitment to user engagement and adoption results in our clients harnessing the full potential of the solutions.

Orange Logic is confident that the addition of the Customer Success Managers will elevate our commitment to delivering outstanding customer experiences. Stay tuned for exciting updates and initiatives from our Customer Success Team as we embark on this journey together. Contact us to schedule a call and witness the difference dedicated customer service can make in achieving your DAM business objectives. 

If your current vendor isn’t taking these extra steps to ensure your DAM software is successful, schedule a call with Orange Logic today!