Amazon gets creative with playlist to celebrate new DAM launch

October 4, 2023
Amazon gets creative with playlist to celebrate new DAM launch

It was Valentine’s Day 2023 when Amazon Lab126 “broke up” with their previous DAM system and started a new relationship with Orange Logic. The Amazon team, with their typical creativity, commemorated the move in a unique way — with a playlist.

Amazon Lab126 is a research and development arm of Amazon that designs and engineers Amazon electronic devices — including all the latest Fire TVs, Amazon Echos, and Kindle Readers.

The team’s old DAM wasn’t working out for them, and they didn’t rush into something new. They took their time to research DAM systems and find the best fit for their organization, eventually selecting Orange Logic as their new DAM. 

But when they signed with Orange Logic, their former digital asset management system refused to give them additional time to move, even though that’s a typical practice. Instead, Amazon was given just three weeks to transfer everything over, after which their assets would be eliminated. 

With the clock counting down, Amazon got to work, organizing metadata and sharing detailed user stories to allow for a fast move. With their prep, along with help from the Orange Logic team, they were able to make the move with no outage window. 

Andrea Sheehan, the digital asset manager for Amazon Lab126, shared the playlist to thank Orange Logic “for being the best implementation team ever” — both during the expedited move and afterwards, as they guided Amazon through their implementation.

The playlist was named “50 ways to build a CAM”. (Creative Asset Management, or CAM for short, is Amazon Lab126’s name for their DAM system). The list featured 33 songs, including:

  • “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” by Paul Simon
  • “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor
  • “A Change Would Do You Good” by Sheryl Crow
  • “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles
  • “The Best” by Tina Turner

The mixtape wasn’t just created as a thank you for the speedy implementation. Amazon also referenced the advantages of their new DAM, with songs like “I Can See Clearly Now” and “Things Can Only Get Better”.  

One of the elements Amazon cited was how much easier the system is to customize when compared to their previous system. “All of that configuration is essentially an out-of-the-box part of Cortex,” said Orange Logic Project Manager Josh Patrick. 

Post “break up”, Amazon Lab126 is able to collaborate more smoothly. Annotations and tagging in the Orange DAM system allow the team to communicate without sending emails or messaging each other outside of the system.

The team has also been able to consolidate systems, moving finished files off of a Box account.

Overall, the Amazon Lab126 team is happy in their new digital asset management home — and Orange Logic has the playlist to prove it.

If you want to check out the 50 Ways to Build a CAM playlist, you can find it in the playlist below. And if you want to learn more about Orange Logic, get in touch! We'll let you know how we're helping organizations, like Amazon, go beyond their asset management goals.