What is a polymorphic DAM?

A polymorphic DAM platform gives you one central asset repository while offering individual DAM solutions for different departments. This lets your organization enjoy one central source of truth for all their assets. At the same time, users access a DAM solution that's comfortable for them and fits their workflows. No silos. No compromise.

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Protect your digital assets with best-in-class security

Some of the world’s largest banks, healthcare, and security organizations depend on the protection provided by Cortex. While you might not need Fort Knox-level security for your DAM project, it's nice to know it's there.

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Get the DAM flexibility enjoyed by some of the world’s largest organizations

With field offices all around the world, some of the largest organizations in the world already rely on Cortex to manage their digital assets.

Cortex lets you put those tools to work within your enterprise. With agile, adaptable settings, Cortex gives you a DAM system that fits your workflows. Manage assets globally, without ever sacrificing your local needs.

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Cortex by the numbers

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Rely on the same media discovery tools as the world’s largest multimedia news agency

There is an 80% chance that Cortex was used to find the images in your favorite newspaper.

That's because the world’s largest multimedia news agency uses Cortex to make sure tens of thousands of untrained users can search millions of images and quickly find the right media assets for their story.

And we can offer you that same time-saving power and simplicity.

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Use a DAM designed to fit every department in your organization

How many departments can you fit into a Cortex DAM? We've yet to find our limit. Right now one of our tech clients holds the record, with 14 different departments connected through our Cortex DAM platform. We make sure each department has its own home, with features and workflows that make sense for that part of the organization.

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Integrate with all your favorite applications

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Steve Antonelli

“The flexibility has been huge for us. You can push Cortex, and it scales to fit your needs.”

- Steve Antonelli, Digital Asset Management Lead

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