Take control of your assets while complying with HIPAA

Get a DAM that helps you organize your assets and keep protected health information (PHI) safe and secure. Easily connect marketing teams and staff in multiple campuses from anywhere in the world. Cortex can help you customize a plan that fits their organization. Here’s just some of what we can do for you:

I need a DAM that can scale to fit my healthcare organization

  • Use Cortex to maintain and protect operational information, including staff photos and employee interactions with your organization.
  • Simplify facilities management by creating a central location for maps, HVAC plans, and other related documentation
  • Easily share teaching materials, including videos of surgeries, photos, and medical illustrations.
Hipaa compliant dam

I want a central source of truth for our assets

  • Create a central hub to manage logos, documents, photos, and other on-brand assets for your clinic, hospital, or medical enterprise.
  • Empower users to find the assets they need with custom, easy-to-use interfaces. Set up departmental pages designed for marketing, business, education, and more.
  • Assign granular permissions to control who can access what.
Healthcare metadata entry

I need a DAM that complies with regulations

  • Cortex can help you safely store protected health information (PHI) and comply with HIPAA and other health data privacy laws and regulations.
  • We offer secure disaster recovery architecture—backup servers make sure you won’t have to worry about downtime or data loss.
Healthcare dam assets