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Get coverage for ALL of your teams

From marketing and fundraising to hospital administrators and surgeons, and everything in between, the Orange Logic Intelligent DAM system is a HIPAA compliant platform for your entire organization. Allow teams to keep their content siloed, while facilitating seamless collaboration where needed. Give teams a user experience configured to their specific requirements while keeping their workspace free from clutter caused by tools and data they don’t need. 


Capture, Share, Learn

Use the Orange Logic platform to help your organization capture, find, and learn from procedural videos and photos. Allow surgeon’s to easily make selections of photos or videos from surgical procedures to be incorporated into the DAM for training and learning purposes. Team members can search for voice prompts given during surgeries to jump directly to the point in a video to refresh on a patient's last procedure, or to teach others, without any manual metadata entry. 

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It’s easy to say a solution can scale, but sometimes it can be tougher to prove it. At 40K API calls a minute, we believe this case study is a testament to Orange Logic’s ability to scale to meet  (3)
It’s easy to say a solution can scale, but sometimes it can be tougher to prove it. At 40K API calls a minute, we believe this case study is a testament to Orange Logic’s ability to scale to meet  (2)

OrangeAI + OrangeMedia

Get MAM functionality with OrangeMedia, and allow your team to store, edit, and share video projects in the Orange Logic Intelligent DAM platform. Use OrangeAI tools to automatically transcribe footage, detect people and faces for potential compliance requirements and generate keywords allowing you to organize and process large volumes of content. This enables those with proper access controls to quickly find the content they need. 


Manage rights, organization wide 

For those in healthcare and life sciences, the need for consistent, compliant marketing materials is paramount. Ensure your team has access to approved, legal and rights-cleared assets for all of your marketing materials with Orange Logic Digital Rights. Provide or restrict access based on the types of assets, types of users or groups, and much more. Allow users to request access where needed and ensure your assets are preserved for the long haul. 

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Easily source stock photos

For marketing teams in hospitals and life sciences companies, utilizing stock photography from our integrated platforms like Getty Images and Shutterstock can expedite the process of getting marketing materials to market. By accessing a vast library of high-quality images, teams can avoid the complexities of rights and HIPAA hurdles often associated with using original patient or medical images. 

Compliant marketing Templates

Allow teams to select compliant, branded templates to create digital signage, brochures, or other marketing materials for your healthcare organization. Add your location or preapproved photos and download new marketing materials. 


Secure and HIPAA-compliant 

The Intelligent DAM Platform from Orange Logic assists healthcare and life science organizations in adhering to diverse legal and regulatory standards by offering features for audit trails, data retention policies, and secure handling of content. With a HIPAA compliant DAM, your organization can maintain strict regulatory compliance, brand standards, minimize risks, and operate with efficiency and speed.

Future-proof DAM solution

As technology advances, more teams are printing 3D models for surgeons and others to practice or train on procedures. For many life sciences companies, the ability to store 3D models of printed medical equipment or devices is key. With Orange Logic’s Intelligent DAM solution, you can store, view, or mark-up and approve 3D models and 360 videos. 

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Manage your campaigns

Orange Logic's integrated OrangePlanning tool can seamlessly integrate budget management within your Intelligent DAM system. 

With OrangePlanning, you can:

  • Set and modify budgets as needed, gaining visibility into expenditure, outcomes, and the alignment between budget projections and actual spending. Ensure your marketing campaigns stay on track financially.
  • Streamline, monitor, and make adjustments to project resources with intuitive calendar features to track deadlines and sprints for individuals, groups, or entire teams with ease.  

Manage your creative workflows

Orange Logic's platform offers workflow management within your Intelligent DAM system, enabling you to create tasks, track progress, and streamline the revision process. Automatically route assets for review, allowing legal to easily approve assets. Alert users when they are assigned tasks related to assets and send automatic email reminders. 
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Portals for all your various use-cases

Use a Portal to serves as a central hub for sharing approved images and information for press purposes, new product launches, promoting events like fundraising campaigns, or use is as a way to catalog and preserve your heritage, allowing stakeholders to delve into the organization's rich history. 

Headspace - Case Study

Find out what happened when the health & wellness offering brought more than 60% of its company under one digital asset management umbrella.

Find out what happened when the health & wellness offering brought more than 60% of its company under one digital asset management umbrella.

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Tools for healthcare professionals

1-2DAM / MAM

Store, version, mark-up, approve and deliver assets of any type, including 3D and 360 video.



Plan and manage campaigns, calendars, and budgets, all while optimizing performance.  


Untitled design (48)Templates

Allow your team to quickly select and edit pre-approved, compliant, marketing materials.



Quickly make selects and set rules around rejections rates. Easily accept or reject assets. 



Created Branded Portals to manage brand guidelines, distribute finished assets, or corporate archives.



Track usage and digital rights around your assets and prevent unauthorized use of any marketing materials. 



Easily track and manage the tasks associated with all aspects of creating new marketing assets.


Untitled design (50)Platform

Orange Logic's cloud agnostic platform is scalable to meet the needs of your growing workflows and requirements. 



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Our ability to share all of our archival collection and our current material with staff from home has been a priceless opportunity,