The term “Digital Asset Management” is applicable to multiple niche software solutions. Often times, these niche products are referred to as a DAM though they are built specifically for industries and professions like photographers and videographers. Similarly, an individual my call a common cloud storage database like Dropbox or Google Drive a “digital asset manager” while an enterprise business may think of “enterprise content management” as another way to describe a DAM.
In an effort to give you a clear definition of Digital Asset Management software (at least in our eyes), we’ve defined what a DAM is:

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software is purpose built for a business or team to have 24/7 access to easily and efficiently manage the ingestion, annotation, indexing, and distribution of large digital media libraries. The DAM manages a variety of file types spanning audio, video, and presentation files, which are uploaded and easily manipulated right within the software.

Leading DAM software providers will enable the user to organize, find, retrieve, share and process a growing digital media library with ease. The best digital asset management solutions work across multiple industries such as; Agencies (Photo / News / Creative), Charity and Nonprofit, Fashion, Finance, Government and Education, Museums, Media and Etnertainment, Software / Technology, Travel and Hospitality and more. They also work exceptionally well within multiple departments and roles like IT, Marketing, Sales and others.


IT Departments:

IT teams need a DAM solution to securely manage files and file sharing, ultimately eliminating the questionable security of FTP servers or any third party file-sending solutions. They also need a DAM to control the storage cost of digital assets.

Marketers and Marketing Teams:

Marketing teams use a DAM to collaborate, share, and manage their brand consistently across their entire organization. With the best digital asset management software in their back pocket, they can easily create and distribute product marketing material, sales collateral, e-books, and more.

Sales Teams:

Sales and marketing alignment is easier when organizations use a DAM to access and manage the distribution of marketing material. With the power of mobile access and version control, a Sales team can confidently rely on the DAM to get latest resources to help them deliver a pitch.

Designers and Design Teams:

Professional designers leverage a DAM to manage the creative process behind their work. They use workflows and collaboration to quickly approve and access any digital media within their database.


While there are many industries that have a need for digital asset management, we'eve provided some examples of industries that view DAM software as an essential tool for their business:

  • Agencies (Photo / News / Creative)
  • Charity and Nonprofit
  • Finance
  • Government and Education
  • Museum
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Technology / Software
  • Travel and Hospitality

Photo and News Agencies:

Photo and news agencies  use the best digital asset management software to license and manage their large digital media libraries. These agencies will leverage the sharing and licensing capabilities of a DAM to generate revenue from the media they own.

Creative Agencies:

Creative agencies need the ability to link, group, and manage shared files with ease which is why so many creative agencies turn to digital asset management first. Creative agencies also leverage DAM a software's integration with Adobe to quickly edit and manage media. Their clients can benefit from the collaboration capabilities within a DAM to streamline their workflows and improve ROI through faster cycles of iteration.

Charity and Nonprofit:

Digital Asset Management is a key component to easily and securely provide universal global access to media. Organizations in the nonprofit sector want to stay focused on their mission and leveraging DAM software is the best way to do it.


The financial sector relies on the best digital asset management provider to offer a secure and controlled environment with advanced features such as; audit logs, secure authentication with SSO, Active Directory, or LDAP, and user permission control.

Government and Education:

Organizations within the government and education sector need security and advanced metadata tagging with artificial intelligence to improve the search and discovery of digital assets.

Museums and Performing Arts:

Museums exist to showcase timeless art and history, and the performing arts share their creations with the world. Digital asset management software is there to help archivists and preservationists organize their rich media history within a secure, easy to search database.

Technology / Software:

Technology and sofware companies leverage a DAM solution across their organization. Teams from the entire enterprise can use the collaboration, workflow, and request capabilities of digital asset management to streamline the organization.

Travel and Hospitality:

This industry is using DAM software to manage everything from marketing material to internal documents. Version control within the DAM coupled with asset embedding functionality will help keep organizations in this industry always up to date.


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