FAQ and Tour of the New Cortex Support Homepage

Find answers to your questions, plus discover how we're making it easier to get where you want to go in Link (Cortex Support).

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Welcome to the new homepage

What you’ll see:

  • All Tasks and My Created Tasks are up top. We made All Tasks bright orange, so you can find it quickly.
  • You’ll see a series of widgets featuring numbers. These let you see at a glance how many open tasks you have for a given workspace. You can click on any of the widgets to jump right to that workspace.
  • We simplified our Documentation section and made the buttons bigger, so finding the Documentation, Release Notes, or other important information is a snap.
  • We added a new logo to go with our new look.
new link homepage

Frequently Asked Questions about the Homepage

Question: Where did the “All Tasks” and “My Created Tasks” buttons go?

They’re still there! We just moved them up to the upper-right-hand corner of your screen. We highlighted All Tasks with bright orange text to make it easy to spot, and you’ll find My Created Tasks right next to it.

Question: What are the squares with the numbers?

Those are our new Widgets. Each has a label telling you which Workspace it relates to. The number lets you know how many open tasks are listed under that Workspace. For instance, the Tasks Pending Your Input Widget above shows the number nine. That means the user has nine open tasks that require their input. If they click on that Widget, it’ll let them jump right to a workspace listing those pending tasks.

Here are a few of the Widgets you will see:

  • Very High Priority Tasks: Review all your open tasks that are categorized as Very High Priority
  • Tasks Pending Your Input: Check on open tasks that are marked either Blocked Pending Customer Input or Pending Approval
  • Open Production Defects: View open Defect Tasks that you have marked as having an impact on your production environment
  • Suggested Enhancements: Take a look at enhancements that have been suggested, but not reviewed or scheduled.
  • Scheduled Enhancements: Review all enhancements that have been tentatively scheduled for a release or that are ready for development.
  • My Meetings: View all meetings where you are listed as an attendee. This workspace will not show meetings that are closed.

Question: I clicked on a Widget. How do I get back to the rest of my tasks?

The Widgets on the homepage connect you to specific workspaces, but traveling in and out of them is easy.
Go to the MainScreen/All Tasks Screen: Click the “All Tasks” text link in the upper right part of your screen. You’ll then switch back to the MainScreen and see all tasks listed.

Return to the Homepage: Click on our logo, and you can return to the homepage at any time.

Question: What has changed in the Documentation section?

Mostly the look. We created larger buttons so that you can spot the information you need right away. This area will still be your gateway to Release Notes, Cortex guides, video tutorials, and other important documentation. We’re expanding our documentation and video tutorial library all the time, so make sure to check in to see what we’ve added.