Cut the time it takes to get assets to market

Find out why some of the biggest manufacturers and retailers in the world use Cortex to manage their assets. Create, manage, share, and track digital assets all from one secure digital asset management system.

I want a DAM that makes collaboration easy

  • Grant access to assets with granular permissions that let internal users and external partners work together while keeping assets secure.
  • Integrate with the tools your team already relies on, including Adobe and Microsoft Office software.
  • Check in or check out work-in-progress assets
  • Integrate your DAM with PIM software to streamline sales, marketing, and distribution.
Asset watermarking

I need a DAM that’s secure

  • Set granular permissions that let you determine who can view, download, or take other actions related to assets.
  • Track copyrights automatically and restrict asset availability when rights expire.
  • Keep up with regulations, like GDPR, ISO 27001, FINRA, and more.
  • Use single sign-on systems to minimize security risks
  • Protect assets with multiple backups
Dam security padlock

I want a DAM that makes marketing easier

  • Let international distributors and partners access brochures, logos, and other marketing materials and perform on-brand customization.
  • Simplify legal and compliance, using automations to approve marketing materials faster.
  • Get reporting that helps you track asset use and analyze the success of marketing efforts.
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I need a DAM that supports asset governance

  • Select the storage vendor you prefer, whether it’s AWS, Microsoft Azure, Openstack, or Google Cloud.
  • Keep storage costs down with at-cost storage for all your assets.
  • Use Glacier cold storage to preserve infrequently used assets.
Dam storage options