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DAM for Corporate Archives

Preserve the history of your brand, while keeping it accessible and alive

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Keep the history of your enterprise at your fingertips. Cortex gives you a robust digital asset management that’s easy to manage, organize, and search.

I want to a DAM that can do digital preservation

  • Get a DAM combined with an OAIS compliant preservation system.
  • Automatically manage file format conversions while preserving your original assets in their native file formats.
  • Perform checksums on ingest or at any time afterwards.
  • Get a system that automatically checks file integrity at the bit-level.

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I need a DAM that’ll keep our archives secure

  • Utilize Write One Read Many (WORM) technology to comply with regulations and keep data secure from human error or misuse.
  • Rely on strong disaster recovery architecture, including multiple backup servers.
  • Use granular permissions to decide who can access assets and what users can do with them.

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I want a system that can grow with our archives

  • Expand as much as you want--Cortex has petabytes of data to spare.
  • Select your preferred storage option. We support AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud storage systems.
  • Archive large volumes of assets through Glacier cold storage.

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