Collaborate from anywhere in the world

Work together from wherever you are with cloud-based asset management tools. Collaborate on assets in real time, speed up approvals, and use asset check-in and check-out to ensure edits won’t be overwritten.

Make collaboration easy

  • Allow asset check-in and check-out.
  • Collaborate on content in real time.
  • Review and comment on digital assets.
  • Add annotations to video assets.
  • Automate notifications to let users know about changes to or comments on digital assets.
  • Assign tasks to specific users.
  • Collaborate on shared projects or folders with specific users.
  • See a communications log for a given asset or project.
Comment on asset in DAM

Connect with third parties

  • Let third-party agencies upload rough video cuts for multiple users to review.
  • Allow third-party users to approve or reject assets for use.
  • Access Cortex any time through remote, global access to the system.

Track ownership

  • Establish who is the owner of given digital assets.
  • Send comments or questions to the asset owner.