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The Los Angeles Philharmonic & DAM

Get to know the LA Phil’s Digital Asset Manager, Meredith Reese.

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The LA Phil at Henry Stewart

For the inaugural Optimizing Your DAM webinar, Theresa Regli and Meredith both presented their thoughts on DAM and technology. You can view the full presentations below.

An interview with Meredith Reese

We also chatted with Meredith ourselves to discover how she got into DAM and how the LA Phil wrangles hundreds of artists at multiple venues with a little help from their DAM platform.

Start with Part 1 of the interview, which goes into Meredith’s DAM background--and shares her favorite part of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Archive.

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Then read Part 2 to find out more details about how the LA Phil uses their DAM for both asset management and project management.

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