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Security robust enough for Fortune 100 Banking Institutions

It took long days of grueling auditing by a team of cybersecurity and compliance experts. This was on top of thousands of hours preparing to make sure each of the 389-step protocol was perfectly addressed. They scoured through documentation with a fine-tooth comb making us question every security process we ever put in place. Like a great workout, we were satisfyingly sore the next day.

This experience, at the hands of one of the world’s largest banks, made Cortex stronger. Although Fort Knox-level security often isn't a top priority for some DAM projects, it's nice to know it's there.

Flexibility for diverse organizations like the United Nations (UN)

With 193 member states and 60% of its workforce decentralized in field offices around the world, the United Nations boasts a level of complexity and diversity that few organizations can match.

Their projects have been an incredible proving-ground for Cortex. The resulting tools and practices now help other large enterprises manage assets globally without sacrificing local needs.

Workflows for innovative disruptors

Imagine camping under the northern lights in Luleå, Sweden. If you booked this trip through one of the world's largest travel sites, you’re getting a glimpse into the creative applications of DAM.

Deploy DAM to manage brand identity, connect with global photographers, and coordinate across departments.

Search powerful enough for 8 of the top 10 global newspapers

There is an 80% chance that Cortex was used to find the images in your favorite newspaper. Or, if you’ve ever watched a television news broadcast, nearly anywhere in the world, you’ve seen the results of a search that started with Cortex.

Years ago, Reuters, the world’s largest multimedia news agency, approached us with a deceptively complex problem – simplicity. Allow thousands of untrained users, from 128 countries, search millions of images to quickly find the one perfect photo for their story. We love creating elegant solutions from complicated data.

Photo agencies live and die by the quality of their search engine. Through Cortex, one of our largest agencies increased their revenue by 40% in 5 months and 1,200% within 3 years.

Built on decades of industry experience, thoughtful implementation, and modern AI tools, our DAM software helps agencies monetize their catalog with an intuitive interface that matches their aesthetic.

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Scalability for global companies with petabytes of data

If you visualize a gigabyte as equivalent to the total land area of Manhattan's Upper West Side and Upper East Side, one petabyte is roughly equal to the size of the United States.

Our silicon valley tech users demand dozens of petabytes in storage and counting.

So, yes, shoot all the 8K raw video you want. We’ve got room to manage it.

Preservation required by historic institutions like the Louvre and Carnegie Hall

From the Louvre in Paris to Carnegie Hall in Manhattan, Cortex provides digital asset management for some of the world’s most iconic cultural institutions.

Archivists and librarians have been an important part of Cortex’s development.